王建贏-Paying pharmacists for the cognitive service in Taiwan: a pilot study

王彥婷-Needs Assessment of Self-medication Tool for Improving Pharmacists' Ability to Evaluate Minor Ailments

江柏宏-Potential inappropriate medication screening by Beers criteria in elderly inpatients

李懿軒-Research on Community Pharmacists' Participation in Public Health Service Strategy

許為婷-The evaluation of drug-related problems and the intervention in community pharmacies.

許嘉紋-Survey on pharmacist services twenty years after“the Separation of Prescribing and Dispensing”

陳彥樺-A Retrospective Study on the Use of Ivabradine at a Medical Centre in Northern Taiwan

陳振聲-Statins use and new-onset arrhythmia

賴明灼-Diversified pharmaceutical services by community pharmacists in Kaohsiung city Taiwan